Supporting our military is something I am proud to do, as a veteran, and as someone who grew-up in a military family. Having lived in the military for so long, we became accustomed to moving to a new duty station every couple of years. There was something sad, yet thrilling about doing so, but it was a pain learning who and what was good and bad in the new area. I always thought it would be nice to have a tool, a booklet, that has many categories (e.g., mechanic, doctor, hospital, base commander, and so on) that can be filled in with the help of a local club or people who know the area and want to make life a little easier for those new to the area. The Military Family Support system is an inexpensive, attractive tool, to do just that. It helps the newcomer to a new area be organized and learn quickly by the sharing of information.

Pass this information along to those you know who need help being organized. Order your copy today. Or, perhaps you know someone serving that would benefit from this booklet, order them a copy as a gift. We support our troops by trying to make life a little easier for them. After all, when one serves, the whole family serves and sacrifices.

God bless our soldiers and sailors, and keep the safe.

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